POLYTRON Racing 4T 10W40 Motorcycle Oil - 1 L

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POLYTRON RACING TECH 4T 10W-40 engine oils are formulated from a special selection of high quality solvent refined and hydrotreated base stocks and synthetic components and a high performance advanced additive POLYTRON MTC technology system ensuring excellent piston and ring deposit control at high temperature and high speed operating conditions and the anti-wear agents present in the additive system minimize engine wear at different engine speeds and loads.

The multigrade engine oils POLYTRON RACING TECH 4T 10W-40 are designed for use in modern four-stroke gasoline engines of motorcycles, both air and water cooled, demanding API SL and JASO MA2 performance level lubricants.


• Very high oxidation stability and finely balanced detergent/dispersant properties, ensuring clean and flawless engine operation at elevated operating temperatures;
• Dependable corrosion protection;
• Stable lubricating film over a wide temperature range and good wear protection at high loads;
• Lower fuel consumption and reduced hazardous particulate matter in the exhaust gasses.

Typical uses:


Free shipping for orders over 150 Euro
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