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Some Immediately Noticeable Benefits of using POLYTRON

• Reduced temperature

• Reduced vibrations

• Reduced noise level

• Reduced electrical power consumption

• Considerable reduction in emission pollutants

• Increased engine power and smoother operation

• Very effective protection of the engine against moisture and water flooding.

Possible Problems That Can be Solved Immediately, using POLYTRON

• Overheating

• Excessive vibrations

• Excessive noise hazard

• Excessive electrical power consumption

• Poor air quality in closed areas with high concentration of engine operated equipment

• Sluggish engine and equipment operation

• Reinstating and putting vehicles and equipment back to work after they submerged in water during flood (like in floods that occur in some countries

Additional Benefits of using POLYTRON, Measurable Over Short Period of Time

• Reduction in fuel consumption, 10% on the average (through monitoring fuel consumption)

• Reduction in wear by more than 95% (through used oil analysis)

• Extending oil change intervals 300% to 600% (through used oil analysis)

• Reduction in top-up volumes of oil (through monitoring oil consumption)

Possible Problems That Can be Solved within short period of time using POLYTRON

• Excessive fuel consumption (due to older equipment, or poor maintenance)

• Excessive wear (due to high loads, insufficient lubrication or defects in equipment production and design, or poor maintenance, or harsh environment)

• Need to change the oil more frequently (due to engine aging problems or poor maintenance)

• Excessive top-up volumes of oil (due to engine aging problems or poor maintenance)

Major Benefits of using POLYTRON, Measurable Over Service Life of Equipment

• Extended service life of equipment to overhaul by 600% to 900%

• Considerable reduction in replacement parts

• Considerable reduction in equipment replacement

Combined Value of the Benefits

• Up to 65% Reduction in Maintenance and Operational Costs

• Up to 90 % Reduction in Downtime

• Considerable Increase in Productivity

• Much cleaner emissions

• Much less waist oil