Polytron Lithium Grease – POLYTRON EP-2

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Polytron EP-2 Lithium Grease will provide you with the protection you need on your heavy equipment, slides, and gears of all kinds. Potential to eliminate wear up to 90% and cut your maintenance cost up to 60%, simply by switching to Polytron EP-2.

POLYTRON EP-2 Lithium Complex Grease is a superior quality, multipurpose, wide temperature-range lubricant. It is made with lithium complex soap, quality base oils and POLYTRON’s scientifically engineered anti-wear friction reducing formula with other additives to contribute to its outstanding qualities of water resistance and anti rust/corrosion protection. It may also be used in electric motors of NEMA insulation class A and B types. POLYTRON EP-2 Lithium Grease does not soften excessively during high speed operation in rolling contact bearings. Excellent for automotive and industrial equipment.

Polytron Lithium Grease – POLYTRON EP-2 description

POLYTRON EP-2 Lithium Grease is usable over wide range of temperatures and it does not soften excessively during high speed operation in rolling contact bearings. It also forms a good seal, which minimizes bearing contamination. Made of high quality base lithium complex grease with proprietary wear-eliminating Polytron.

POLYTRON EP-2 Grease, because of it’s outstanding properties, is a truly superior performing, multi-purpose grease. It’s track record indicates that its use reduces equipment maintenance frequency and equipment downtime 400% – 700%. In addition it eliminates up to 95% wear of bearings and other parts. This results in considerably longer equipment life and significant reduction in maintenance costs in non extreme and extreme operating conditions. It also reduces energy consumption.